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New LED Light in Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Range
The new Led light will help to make clear view in the vocal cord with cool white color.
This technology will make the trust high of our customers to introducing this sort of quality instruments has been added to our website.    
Wellcome to Our Website !

Here, at Hay Med Instruments, we are designing, Manufacturering and supplying products that give our customers complete satisfaction and trust. The ISO 9001/ISO 13485, cGMP & CE FDA mark certificate & registrations provide full satisfaction to our customers. That they can put their total trust on our items.

The Fiber Optic light carrier system provides the permanent durability and satisfaction to users, in Fiber Optic range their is non of the blades or instruments contain on bulb, electrical conductors nor contacts. This important advantage is made possible by incorporating a Xenon halogen gas filled bulb in the base handle or light source. Actually, when you buy Hay Med Instrumentsyou are perfectly right to buying quality instruments.

(SO 9001/ ISO 13485, cGMP & CE FDA mark certificates).



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